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Lalo Gone Brazy Twitter video leaves internet traumatized

TikTok content creator Lalo Gone Brazy has left Twitter users quite traumatized after an apparent raunchy video of him surfaced on the platform on June 20. A Twitter account @fullkizzy posted the said video on Tuesday and mentioned the Tiktoker in the caption, implying that he has gone wild.

Disclaimer: This article contains information that is s*xual in nature. Readers’ discretion is advised.

The video comprises a recording of a dual Instagram live by Brazy and another Instagram user named Rosé. The viral video by @fullkizzy shows Rosé shaking a bottle containing some drink while she asked Brazy what he was drinking.

However, instead of responding to her question, he switched the front camera to the rear and focused the lens on the bulge in his boxers. In response, Rosé just smiled and changed the topic.

Although Brazy’s entire face was not seen in the viral video, it was evident to his followers and others who already knew the TikToker, that it was him. Brazy later took to Instagram stories to further confirm that it was indeed him as he added a face-palm emoji to express his embarrassment and wrote:

One user @_delpozo_ replied to a tweet sharing the news of Lalo getting leaked and wrote that they should have never gone looking for the video.

Internet in splits as Lalo Gone Brazy’s video goes viral

After the first video was leaked, a few others of the TikToker getting intimate with another woman also surfaced on the internet.

Brazy’s fans and followers seemed to be in disbelief that he got leaked online. Some people referred to him as “Gummy Bear” and exclaimed that there is no way that he could have been exposed online. Others are wondering who could have leaked Lalo’s videos.