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Another video of Tomas Holder having sex was leaked and the memes exploded: “I didn’t upload it people”

The media ex-participant of Big Brother Tomás Holder became a trend in the last hours after a video of him having sex with a young woman was leaked. In fact, a few minutes later, another audiovisual material from Rosario was released with the same young woman.

In the footage, which quickly went viral, you can see the influencer in the middle of a sexual act with a girl in bed. In fact, the young man was in charge of recording the intimate moment he lived with his cell phone.

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The reaction of the users to the intimate video of Tomás Holder. (Photos: Capture Twitter)

The recordings did not go unnoticed on Twitter, where users made all kinds of comments referring to the sexual act. “Oh, no, why did I see Holder’s video…”, “I was traumatized”, “I just saw Holder’s video. What the hell do I have Twitter for?”, “It was fine until Holder’s video appeared. Until the Boca game I don’t plan to enter Twitter anymore. Bye, crazy”, were some of the messages.

An intimate video of Tomás Holder was leaked and he was proud on his social networks. (Photo: Instagram/tomasholder_).

After the viralization of this material, the former Big Brother participant spoke about the subject in a story that he uploaded to his Instagram account. “I wanted to clarify a couple of things more than anything because I received a lot of comments. A video of me having sex with a person was leaked. People ask me if I uploaded it or not. I did not upload that video people. I wouldn’t upload something like that. It bothers me? No. It makes me uncomfortable because of the fact that I have boys in a row. I apologize if you had to see that or were offended. It was out of reach of my hands. There are people who do what they can for fame, ”said the influencer.

On the other hand, the girl with whom Holder had a relationship appeared publicly and was disregarded by the dissemination of the intimate moment. “I am amazed at the way she went viral. They sent it by WhatsApp and someone recorded it from another cell phone. I swear it wasn’t me,” said the young woman.

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“I watermark all my content,” he explained, referring to the logo he places above his images to make them distinctive. “To the typical question of whether I felt it all… They are feeling it there, king,” added the girl in another story.